I was born in Ankara in 1993. Maybe my biggest chance in life was to catch up with the latest generation to play outside. The features of the toys I have, were not enough for me so I colorized, lighten them up and made them fly. During my education, I always had more sketches and cartoon characters than class-notes. First time when I have met with the codes, I was in the short-shorts stage of my life. Beforelong, the codes taken over my toys, so I colorized, lighten them up and made them fly instead. At the age of 27, I am a dreamer who thinks that he is living in a magical universe and that is what makes me creative. I gave support to projects regarding mobile apps, web-sites, brand analysis and UX cases of many companies up to now.

Reach me through my e-mail, lets have a coffee and talk over the projects which we can "colorize" together!